Today is Sep. 25


Denis Besselle

The office of Hi-Greens of Inverrary has announced the death in Canada of a member of the Association, Mr. Denis Besselle.

The HGI Blog sympathizes with his family and friends on this unfortunate and sad  occasion .

Lesson B


Get a picture from the Pictures folder into the editor page. crop it and insert it in a post

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Tomorrow time is Updated 4/4/14

This is supp to be published on April 3, at 09:00.

I am looking for a way to post on this glob a text from MyDocuments fplder. So far I can post only a link to the text.
Example: If you click on the link above you will see the text of a country song I like a lot because of what it says by way of metaphors – I want to have the text to show here without having to click on a lionk

To my 3 or 4 subscribers

As I told you when I gave you the address of this blog, it would probably an annoyance to receive e-mail notification of all my silly posts while I am learning the stuff. I noticed how you can get rid of me if you want to. At the bottom of the post you are reading there is a link, the word Unsubscribe (underline). Click on it and I am gone.. Thanks for your